Documents for CSE 830

Code and course material for MSU's "CSE 830: Design and Theory of Algorithms"

Documents for CSE 830

CSE 830: Design & Theory of Algorithms

Below are the documents and links needed for Fall 2020.

Syllabus - provides basic information about the course including how you will be graded.

Slack Discussion Board a place for asynchronous discussions and Q&A sessions.

Zoom will be used for all class sessions. The Zoom link has been e-mailed to all students and can be found pinned to the #general channel in the course Slack.

Below are the week-by-week topics that will be covered. Links will be added at least 24 hours before the first class each week (and often sooner). The current week will be in bold in the directory on the left of this page.

Week 1: Course Introduction

Week 2: Analytical Frameworks

Week 3: Data Structures

Week 4: Algorithmic Thinking

Week 5: Fundamental Algorithms 1

Week 6: Fundamental Algorithms 2

Week 7: Efficient Code 1

Week 8: Efficient Code 2

Week 9: Recursive Techniques

Week 10: Dealing with Hard Problems

Week 11: Graph Algorithms 1

Week 12: Graph Algorithms 2

Week 13: Inexact Optimization

Note: No class session on 11/26 (Thanksgiving)

Week 14: NP Completeness 1

Week 15: NP Completeness 2

Finals Week: Review of Design Techniques / Special Topics

Week of 12/14

Pre-class videos: An overview of Design Techniques; Algorithms for Alternative Models of Computation; Other topics?

In class: Discussion about algorithms, course, and future changes.